C'mon, Seriously? What's an Asian Guy Gotta Do to Get a Break?!

Hi Folks. How you doing? Is Sum Ting Wong today?

asiana airline newscast captain names

So, before we get all “it’s the 21st century, we’re all equals now!” and start acting like people’s views are all normal, take a look at this. Yup. This just happened, on real live television and everything:

Okay, lady, you HAVE to have gone to college. You probably have a degree in broadcast journalism or communications, or SOMETHING. Too bad you don’t have a degree in recognizing which of your minion employees thinks to himself, “Hey, I make minimum wage making these Power Point slides for the news channel, and I’m totally gonna fuck with that lady for getting pissy because her coffee was too hot.”

Remember in Anchorman where Will Ferrell’s character gets in trouble because he just reads the teleprompter without really looking at it first?

Who knew that was real? Because this lady just totally offended every single Asian on the planet with one epic news cast! And she offended every pilot! And every anchorperson! You have to be really good at being stupid to take down that many people with a grand total of about fifty spoken words.

Then the best part comes afterward, where the red-haired lady is all, “Oh, that was our bad, but for the record we were just telling you guys what the government told us.” Because reporters don’t ever need to verify their facts before sharing them! Not when they come from the government, because we can totally trust everything those guys say!

Here’s a bit of advice for anyone who is considering a career in any field that will involve public speaking: sound it out. You know how almost all the Asian languages use squiggly lines instead of the things YOU recognize as words? There’s a reason they write things phonetically in English. Just sound it out, maybe even speak it in your head first before letting it fly outta your mouth. And proofread, especially if you’re a douche canoe.

Ho Lee Fuk.

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