Club Intuition

AKA Field Intuition

Quick Definition: The ability to know or sense something without the use of rational processes, or the knowledge gained by the use of this faculty; a perceptive insight usually in a night club or bar environment.

Full Definition:

Some people explain intuition as a process that comes from experience. Others seem to have intuition in certain subjects, starting from a very young age. In pickup, the artist starts developing a sense of intuition the more time he spends in field. Club intuition can be developed through experience in gaming sets within club environments. Some of it is unconscious.

Examples include knowing which sets are more approachable, based on the subtle looks the girls give each other or the volume and tonality of their conversation; knowing which guys and girls are couples, and which ones are not; and knowing where the vibe or energy is within a club. Over time, instructors can break down little details in other sets and to pinpoint specific steps on how the student should improve his game.


I have starting to develop good club intuition

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