Club Girl

Quick Definition: The type(s) of girl(s) that frequently hangout at the club scene.

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Maybe it is a phase she’s going through, or that she’s young and discovering herself and her sexuality. The notorious “Club Girl” is indeed a catch at the beginning of the night. High heels, permed hair and decked out dress and make up. She’s ready to party it up with her friends. She looks great at 10pm. Gradually, she gets more and more ADD and drunk. By 2am she’s stumbling around looking for her friends, and puking it up in the back alley. Taking this girl home means she’s going to eat all the stuff in your fridge and then puke some more. She’s drunk and probably won’t remember you the next day.

For some girls, this is a life phase, usually when they turn 21 and start discovering the power of their sexuality. Others like the get away through dancing, alcohol and high level party stimulation. It can become addicting.

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For most PUAs, the “10” club girl is the epitome of club game. They look good and it is one of the community fantasies to be able to get the “hottest” girl that night and take her home. Thus many newbies aim for getting the 10 at a club as the goal.

Over time, the intermediate PUA will realize that  a girl who spends the majority of her time at a club probably isn’t the best catch other than a night’s lay. If she’s spending all her night’s partying, she probably isn’t studying for law school or doing something important during the day.

The advanced PUA looks for the girl who looks amazing and can dress up at a club, but actually doesn’t go there often. She’s the classy girl who looks good and has life goals, and still is able to deck it out and look good for her man at the club. This is a good catch. Instead of a ONS, a longer term relationship can be develop with aligning life goals. Unfortunately statistically speaking, most club girls are not good marriage or GF material. Luckily this is only a phase of most women’s lives and it tends to happen in the her teens and early 20s.

Owen talks about the problem with club girls and how to really lock down a high value guy:


Jen is a hardcore club girl

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