Club Game

Quick Definition: The type of game that is played to get the girls at high-end night clubs.

Full Definition:

Club game is a sub-section of game that deals with loud night clubs. The EDM, DubStep, and famous DJs at Coachella and beyond. All of this can be encapsulated as club game. There are many products and theories out there for gaming at club game.

club girls
Example of hot club girls

Here are some of my own findings:

1. The ability to dance well, or not give a shit when dancing. Are you really enjoying the music? Can you tune into the frequency of the club? (see video below)

2. The ability to have alpha body language, as a lot of words get minced in the music so it has to be sub-communicated

3. The ability to not care about rejection, and be able to make a strong move on the dance floor or at the bar

4. Physical escalation is key

5. The ability to takeaway since she’s with friends or highly stimulated by music, alcohol, etc.

6. Have good promoter game and connections with the right people at the lines and bars

There are many other theories and in-field videos to club game and related social circle game and dance game that helps you in clubs beyond the scope of this particular definition on PUA Lingo.

Mystery on Club Game:

Owen Cook talks about how to tune into a club’s energy frequency to pull:


How is your club game?

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