• Club Game: Energy

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    I learned something new about club game tonight. Your energy has everything to do with your success in a loud club setting. Every club has their own “frequency”.

    Without dialing into this frequency, you cannot effectively communicate with the people, usually the majority, that are dialed into the club’s frequency channel. So the idea is to figure out a way to get your energy level usually up to match the clubs atmosphere. You can do this in a variety of different ways:

    First you can naturally train yourself whenever you walk into a club to start feeling the vibe and get excited about going inside. Remember when you were a kid and you are about to go on the playground to play? This should be the same type of feeling that you get as you walk into the club. Naturally, this takes some time and anchoring helps in the process. The more you do it in the more you condition yourself to associate positive feelings of fun and playfulness to this type of environment, the easier it will be over time.

    Anchoring Positive Feelings when you “Hate” Clubs

    Now, let’s assume that you hate clubs. As a matter of fact, I kind of hate clubs also. It’s loud, it’s noisy, people are smoking, I don’t really enjoy drinking alcohol, and I hate, HATE facing rejection. However there is one thing the club has that I do very much enjoy perhaps above all else. Hot girls.

    club girls4

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    Here are a few ways every condition myself to actually have fun at a club. First allow yourself 1 drink, something that you like. Champagne and wine tends to stand out and gets you opened more. This little bit of alcohol loosens you up and doesn’t impair your motor skills in any way to affect your speech or thinking. Second, try going to clubs where you actually enjoy the music. If you are hip hop guy most clubs play hip-hop. If you are a alternative rock guy try to pick clubs that play that type of music. Some guys like techno and trance. Whatever it is, try to find something that you enjoy about the music.

    Dance as if no one is watching, as they say. And there is an important lesson in this passed down wisdom of thought. Taking salsa or hip-hop classes will help you familiarize yourself with your body and the different movements. Body isolation exercises allow you to understand muscles and how they work and how to move certain parts of your body in isolation and in coordination with each other. Not only is useful in a club, it also helps you significantly in understanding your body in other areas of life.

    Keep in mind that energy is in play, so your body language is also very important. It a loud club, your body language speaks much more than your words alone. So check out the articles and posts on body language to have a better understanding of nonverbal communication. The words you use aren’t as important as the way you say it, especially in a loud club environment. It’s more about the energy and the way you say it.

    club girls kissing

    The Purple Haze

    Keep in mind there’s a purple haze about everybody including her guy friends. Everyone is sort of an minimal state of tracks or hypnosis. Have you ever caught yourself wondering at the lights and music and the crowd and forgetting about everything else? Imagine this times three for women given that in general they are more emotional than men. As such, when talking to a girl or when introducing yourself you have to quickly cut through the haze. You do this a couple of ways. First strong dominance and confident body language. Non-neediness. And a verbal resonance and tonality but quickly states whatever it is you’re trying to say. Tyler will go up to girls and say hey! Who are you. Say it like you mean it. Say it like you were an actor on a movie set in the directors yelling at you to show some emotion. As a matter of fact, stock practicing your lines as if you’re always on a movie set. This is your movie and you are the starring actor.

    Self Amusement is a big one here, and I had a huge breakthrough from Julien (RSD) whereby he says, “you need to redirect the girl’s RAS to you. Then, you can chill and relax”

    Dealing with Guy Friends Who Are Lame

    Sometimes your guy friends why no standing there, as those guys do. That’s okay. You want to try to go out with people that enjoy clubs, but don’t let that stop you from achieving what you want to do. At the beginning of the night, before people get too drunk, this is a good time to make a round of introductions. Don’t try to get anything from the girl just introduce yourself get her name and move on. As the night goes on you can reopen her as if you know her from before.

    You want to be in the interacting with as many people as you can. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but it is actually less work for you when you do the groundwork and the results will come. Interact even with guys. You’re just a guy having a good time at the club on your way to the bathroom or on your way to the bar give a compliment or make a remark to guys and girls. You want to open as many green lights as you can in your social matrix. As the haze starts setting in towards the end of the night, people start getting drunk, people start having their attention pulled in many different directions, you want these initial acquaintances have the initial green light to open a social door.

    Dance Floor Game – I admit, it can be HARD

    On the dance floor, opening girls can be difficult. This is why we go about making initial introductions so they at least know who we are. Just by doing this you stand out from 90% of the guys out there. If you haven’t done your “mayor walk” (hey, how’s your night going),  your chances are a lot lower for success. Nonetheless don’t let that stop you. You will get rejected harshly at a club. Girls will turn their backs on you, or sometimes they are nice and open up. You just don’t know. Much like rolling the dice at the casino a cold approach is just as chancy.

    Don’t take any rejection too personally as a matter I don’t take any rejection personally from anyone that you don’t know for more than three years. With this in mind, on the dance floor, you want to initiate a conversation and start dancing with girls. This may take a few sets, however once you hit your first set, then the night has to go well. Other girls see you dancing with girls, and you can further escalation on the dance floor or ask her for a drink later on. Another way is just to dance and bump into girls and have a good time on the dance floor. Depending on the venue, sometimes a girl will jump to dance with you. Having good dance skills here to help and is another reason why someone may want to take dance classes.

    club girls3

    The reward for dance floor game is high, as is the "risk"

    At the end of the day, it is one thing to remember, is to get your energy up to the point of matching the club’s vibe. Simply by doing this alone, you’ll be in a better state to be opened and to engage in conversations with other people that are in the same state.

    “I just don’t feel it man!”

    Sometimes you just can’t feel a certain way. It has been a long week, and you don’t want to be there. That’s okay. Relax. Breathe. You are the master of your own feelings. Just lean back, relax and chill out. Enjoy the vibe, since you have to be there anyway, or simply tell your friends that you’ve had a long day and you’re going home.

    Or, you can try to spot out the other people that may feel like you and here’s an opener to use “you look like I feel!”. Sometimes, other girls that may want to leave the club and are just there waiting for their friends, you can relate to her on the negative level based on a mutual dislike of the current situation. Keep in mind, this is a tough type of game to run, and for the most part the majority of the girls there are there to have fun.

    Energy Flow in the Club

    The energy at the club goes like this through the night:

    • 9-10pm: getting in, finding friends, settling into the music
    • 10-11pm: start to settle in, lots of girls in their little circles talking, more people coming in (critical mass hits around 11-11:30) and this is when the line is the longest usually
    • 11-12:30: dance, drink, fun, fun, butterflies, what?
    • 12:30-1:30: more dancing, more drunk, guys start hitting on girls (AFC guys who are drunk), girls become very protective. Some guys will get make outs and escalate at this point with the girls that are horny, and if their game is right.
    • 1:30-2:00pm: good street game. Girls are drunk on their way home, and you can go outside and just hit up a ton of sets.

    I plan to write more about CLUB game, because this is where the hottest girls are. It is also the most difficult type of game to run in cold approaches. Simply because on the dance floor you have to have 100% conviction in your approach.

    There is also very high social pressure. One of my friends said he felt like he was in the casino. “Everything in there is set up for you to fail!”, he said. Actually, everything in there is set up for the maximization of revenue. The drinks are expensive, there is a cover charge and the lines are long. The music is loud and it’s crowded because people want more people to come and pay the high prices at the club. They want social proof, and therefore let hot girls in while guys pay them money!

    club girls2

    sometimes, girls are sitting down and just there with their friends. Approach the ones that are flashing "green" and work your way from there.

    As an artist, you can semi-game the system. You still have to pay cover, but limit yourself to one or two drinks. Or drink water. The rest of it is based in social skills and that, my friend, costs no money.

    Update: Cutting through the haze. This is a really good video. Having a REAL conversion and cutting through the haze of the club.

    This is especially important in club game, where there are so many things competing for our RAS

    More on “CLUB GAME” to come, I promise.

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