Clear Intent

Quick Definition: A congruence between what you’re saying or doing and what you’re thinking.

Full Definition:

The one thing that a lot of men don’t understand about women is that they are incredibly intuitive creatures. It doesn’t matter if you come up with the most neutral opener and make the most under-the-radar approach, women usually know what you’re up to; even if it is on a subconscious level. And truly great pickup artists understand this and instead of focusing on avoiding “detection” by a woman, they focus on making her want to play along.

If you walk up to a girl and say, “Hi, my name’s Don Juan” while worrying about if she’s going to reject you or if you’re going to be embarrassed in public, you will most likely be blown out mid-sentence. This is because you weren’t of a clear intent. Instead, when opening a girl your whole mind should simply be focused on starting a conversation and getting to know her. A woman will sense this genuine and clear intent and will respond to it much more powerfully.

Girls aren't buying it
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Having clear intent is important not just when opening but during all stages of pickup. You can’t have a genuine conversation with a girl and build attraction if all you’re thinking about is how hot she is and how much you’d like to fuck her. It doesn’t matter what lines or routines you use when you’re trying to hide your intent, your body language will give it away.

The reason that a lot of men aren’t clear on their intent with women is a fear that she will be offended. They are too worried about being judged or rejected by a woman to embrace their own desires and have a organic interaction. Women don’t find these types of men attractive and in fact, find the disingenuousness borderline repulsive. The fact of the matter is that women respect and crave men who are clear on their intentions. Women want to be seduced. And they want to be seduced by men who aren’t afraid to admit that they are seducing them.

Usage: Women found his clear intent devilishly seductive.

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