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    Classic refers to something that is a model of what something should be.  In fashion, there are numerous classics.  Examples of classic Hollywood beauties and style icons include Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Lena Horne, and Sophia Loren.  There are numerous other actresses who for many people conjure up images of grace, style and sophistication.  Examples of classic Hollywood actors would most certainly include Gregory Peck, Sidney Poitier, Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, and Paul Newman, among others.  While contemporary fashion and style titans often have their own flavor, most if not all refer back to the fashion and styling staples of classic Hollywood.

    classic mens style - 80s leading men

    In terms of actual articles of clothing, there are distinct style classics.  For women, having a little black dress is not only advised, it is a necessity.  While women’s fashion traditionally runs the gamut, men’s fashion at least for a long time in popular culture has been about creating a clean, angular, and debonair look.  For a more business or formal look, a three piece suit in black, navy or slate can be incredibly attractive.  These dark suits can be great to wear all year round, whereas another iconic look – khakis or linens—is more seasonal but still an effective and sleek style choice.

    In terms of physical classic style, both the clean-shaven look as well as facial hair can be very appealing and fashionable.  More important than the type of hairstyle or facial hair a man sports, is the fact that he keeps himself up and takes pride in his grooming and hygiene.  This can translate into using the right body care products like soap, body wash and cologne for one’s body chemistry and also knowing how much is an appropriate amount of cologne to use.  The key to the classic look is not so much simply following style rules, but being at peace with oneself whether wearing a suit, jeans and a tailored jacket, shorts when lounging around the house, or a tuxedo at a formal affair.

    classic mens style

    Classic men’s style on the runway


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