Quick Definition: The perceived value of an HB based on an understanding of her social hierarchy and its associated stereotypes.

Full Definition:

Social hierarchy has its place in society, and a true PUA understands the subtlety of this in social situations. As such, PUAs use the shorthand HC (“high class”) and LC (“low class”) to refer to women who come from upper class or lower class society.

An HB may be HC purely based on her looks and appearance, such as wearing designer brands fitting certain stereotypes of high class (the blonde with the bitch look, with sunglasses and pride bag talking on her new cell phone). Similarly, behavior such as being slutty without subtlety can be interpreted by men (and women) as LC.

HC and LC targets have different attributes and life perspectives, and they may be gamed differently based on their affinity to the PUA’s own perceived social class. PUAs take advantage of this fact and design their avatars to appeal to the type of women they are most interested in.


That girl was pretty high class, she had an MBA and really good manners.

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