Clarity of Intent

Quick Definition: Coherence between your thoughts, words and actions.

Full Definition:

One of the most common misconceptions held by some men, and quite a few women, about the game of seduction is that it’s a way of conning or tricking a woman into bed with you. But the fact of the matter is that almost every woman knows when she is being gamed, even if it’s not on a conscious level. Great seducers understand this. And instead of fighting it, what they do instead is make a woman want to go along with the game. This is the key of every great seduction.

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Clarity of intent is something that’s crucial when it comes to making a woman want to be seduced by you. Women respond powerfully to men who know what they want and aren’t afraid of expressing their intentions through their words and actions. These are the men that women find themselves helplessly attracted to. Women aren’t attracted to men who seem unsure or shy about their intentions. When it comes to seduction, women want to be led by men who are strong enough to do so firmly. They don’t want to meander about with a man who isn’t really sure about what he wants or is too shy to take an initiative towards his desires.

Think about it this way: If you had a million dollars that you wanted to entrust to an investment adviser, would you hand your money over to someone who gives you a clear picture of exactly where he’s going to invest your money and why he’s going to do it? Or would you trust it to someone who just mumbles around and doesn’t really make you feel sure of their intent?

And remember, having clarity of intent is important in every area of your life, not just pickup. Achievers are people who know without a doubt what they want and whose every word and action reflect this intent.

Tyler Durden from RSD Nation on clarity of intent: 

Usage: She found his clarity of intent incredibly alluring.

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