Claim to Fame

AKA Breakout Moment

Quick Definition: A memorable moment or event when the world at large realizes who you are, and the things (or image) you represent. Every successful person has this rite of passage on his journey on some scale.

Full Definition:

Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, or a video game player, there is a period in your career where the larger industry knows you. Even if it is just a small niche, you have developed something amazing and ground breaking. Perhaps it isn’t even that inspiring, but it can be provocative as well. Albert Einstein was a no-body until he published his first paper on the theory of relatively. Even then, many traditional scholars discounted his scientific theories!

In the pick up scene, there is usually an event where a PUA becomes “well known” within the community. Mystery got his breakthrough role in his book the Mystery Method and arguable Neil Strauss’s book the game. Cajun became known outside of Canada during his appearance on Keys to the VIP.

A claim to fame moment often happens not by luck, although sometimes it does, but rather, a by-product of an ongoing effort by a teacher of instructor to add value to his craft. As such, a masterpiece or a very well-done part of his work will be shared with the larger group.

Prior to her singing on “what’s love?” with Fat Joe, Ashanti was a relatively unknown singer. Her beautiful voice captured the R&B audience and she went on to become an international female star. Once might argue this was her claim to fame moment

Men who have a true passion for their work are attractive, and in any profession, a true desire and love for his work is usually required for the “claim to fame” moment. After the first break out happens, additional “pieces” can be published as well. Since the artist is already famous, he can still continue to inspire and awe. Eric used to say in response to Facebook being the next Google, “I believe the next Google, is Google”. Looking at both companies years later, once can’t help but wonder if he knew all along that he was right. What have you been doing lately to experience your claim to fame moment?

Jeremy Piven explains behind the scenes this moment in season 1 was when they realized what the character “Ari Gold” truly represents with his swagger:


Mystery Method was his claim to fame…

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