• Circle Jerk

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Inner Game Circle Jerk

    Quick Definition: The process of performing mental gymnastics in theoretical pick up discussions with oneself or other PUAs that results lots of theoretical “feel good” talk and yet no action or results.

    Full Definition:

    When a bunch of PUAs talk about how hard game is, that only if they had better looks, more money, or have philosophical debates about “is direct game harder than indirect game?” that results from not going out and instead going onto the forums. The circle jerk continues and prolongs with 2 or more PUAs give props to this type of behavior: “yeah man! You need to look good to get girls”. The jerking perpetuates an irrelevant discussion.

    Mark Zuckerberg used to say, “Code solves all problems”. This is because everyone actually shuts up and accomplishes something functionally, and from there, iterations happen and something gets built. Similarly, in pick up, going out into the field and having a process about recording your sets and getting quick, accurate feedback is key to improving in game. Without this discipline, most guys end up sucking or circle jerking themselves into unhealthy limiting beliefs.


    “Hey guys! Aren’t we awesome?!” If you spend more than 4 hours on the forums and less than an hour in field, then you’re like these guys

    Owen Cook talked about this in a recent SF lair meet:

    • Step 1: Shut the fuck up
    • Step 2: Plan a process of going out improving youru skill set over the outcome itself
    • Step 3: Do it
    • Step 4: Calibrate

    Circle Jerkers are often too detached from reality and from lack of action, therefore they can never really latch onto reality and make that their goals and dreams come true.


    You PU Gays are just circle jerking each other right now.

    Additional Reading:

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