• Christian PUA

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A Christian man who wants to practice the art of pick up while remaining true to his religious beliefs.

    Full Definition:

    There has been much controversy with the term “Christian PUA”, because it sounds like an oxymoron, like “Jumbo shrimp”, or “Fried Ice Cream”. However, it is possible to practice meeting girls, and finding girls who we can fall in love with. The Christian PUA simply takes out the “sex” part of the seduction process.

    Because most church groups are friendly and nice, a lot of guys who go to church still have trouble expressing who they really are and being bold with girls who go to church.

    As such, the Christian PUA is a new branch of pick up that teaches guys how to be true to themselves, good people, and still have the skills to go up to girls and conquer their fears.

    A Christian PUA generally dates other Christian girls, because of his beliefs that sex should be saved for after marriage. Although not always, other girls outside of the church can also be gamed as long as they share similar beliefs. The idea of success with women is simply having options, and even Christians sometimes are single and male and need to learn how to meet girls that they can eventually fall in love with.

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    Just be a Christian PUA then if you don’t want to have sex before marriage.

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