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    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: An AFC who is not living up to his potential, applied in a derogatory fashion.

    Full Definition:

    The word chode comes from the ancient Hindi word “chud.” It has many meanings that are derogatory. In the English language, it was first used to describe a “penis that is wider than it is long.” In this sense, it is a funny as well as a very hurtful term.

    As time passed, however, the word chode began to change and evolve, taking on alternate spellings and meanings. For example, one present day meaning of the word refers to the area between the genitals and the anus (the soft spot in the middle of the posterior).

    Because of the funny and demeaning connotations of the word, men often use this term to identify other men who are less cool than they are. They call them chodes. This has become pop culture terminology.

    In the early 2000s, this term was popularized in the pick up artist community by Jeffy and RSD, who famously used the word to illustrate any guy who stands around the bar, scared of approaching the girl of his desires. The chode also dressed the same as the other chodes, and has bad fashion. The chode stands in a death row at the bar, holding a drink in one hand and nervously twitching the other hand. The chode has no game and cannot seduce women.

    Chode is synonymous with AFC, which stands for average frustrated chump. The chump cannot get any girls and is, therefore, frustrated with his life. Dating coaches want us to remember this term because it symbolizes something that we do not want to become when learning how to attract women.

    It pickup, everyone ”chodes out” sometimes when they are scared or afraid. It is often used as a term to remind the artist not to be afraid of his fears and to progress forward, improving his skills in the art of seduction. If you want to become a real man, it is important to remember that you never want to be the chode.

    For the origins of chode and the evolution of the term in the seduction commmunity, there is no better explanation of this than originally from Jlaix (Jeffy) in The Jeffy Show:

    Definition of a Chode:

    The word chode derives its etymological roots from the ancient Hindi word “chud,” which is a widely recognized pejorative term roughly translating as “asshole.”

    In the late 1960s, the word was adapted and popularized by the late underground comic book artist Robert Crumb, who changed the spelling to “choad” and applied the term to fanciful characters such as “Choady McNumbnuts.”

    At this point, the term was commonly used in American counterculture to refer to a “penis that is wider than it is long.”

    As time passed, however, “choad” began to metamorphosize once more, taking on alternate spellings, and yea, even alternate meanings.

    By the middle of the 1990s, “choad” or “chode” could also be used to refer to the area of the anatomy known as the perineum, or the fleshy area of tissue located between the genitals and the anus (aka the “taint”).

    Meanwhile, in San Francisco, the mid-90s internet technology bubble was rising to its peak frenzy. The city was flooded with nerdish assholes with money coming out of their ears, and anus.

    Company Xmas parties became lavish affairs worthy of a 16 year old millionaire heiress’ debutante ball, complete with ice sculptures of the CEO on horseback and Phil Collins playing live; homeless would frequently be seen on the streets eating discarded Beluga caviar and foie gras.

    Gentrification was rampant, as these nouveau riche began to seek thrills “slumming it” in the formerly gritty Mission district and elsewhere.

    Now, on these streets formerly awash with prostitutes and gangbangers, you would see these IT types hobnobbing about with $10 chocolate martinis, dressed resplendently in their ubiquitous, de rigueur uniform: the blue button-down shirt paired with the khaki slacks.

    One Saturday night, I recall walking into Blondie’s and counting no less than TWENTY FIVE of these individuals, all dressed in the exact same manner.

    Certainly, the shades of blue and khaki varied, corduroy slacks here, a denim shirt there, but make no mistake: their Borg-like hive mind and complete lack of panache was palpable.

    It was then and there, at that moment, that I realized what these people were. What their true name was:


    The tech bubble burst long ago, and many of these “individuals” sank back into obscurity and relative poverty. But the chode legacy lives on, reminding us that there are those out there with no style, no taste, no self-respect and no game.

    Every time a guy dresses in lawn-mower pants and a black t-shirt, every time a guy uses a compliment opener and buys a girl a drink, every time a guy brags about his fancy car and his high paying job, the chode is there, burning in his breast.

    Remember the chode, as those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


    Don’t be a chode, conquer your fears man

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    Source: Jeffy, RSD

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    Chode Island April 1, 2010 - 2:33 pm

    Chode: anyone who willingly debates the etymology of the word chode.

    casual April 1, 2010 - 2:37 pm


    outraged 'hindu' May 15, 2010 - 8:02 pm

    Hindi, not Hindu. And it’s actually pretty contemporary.

    alphawolf May 16, 2010 - 11:58 pm

    Thanks for the correction!

    Sgt. Paul June 29, 2010 - 8:36 am

    I enjoy the useful material from this Jeffy guy. He has something to say and does it well. He also has the savvy to be fun to read unlike certain of his critics, choads who spend their time quibbling about spelling, etymology and other bullshit that never gets them laid. Sure, they’re easy targets but they’ll thank me someday. How long it takes is up to them.


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