• Chode Crystal

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A pack of guys huddling together, not vibing and not talking much, which generally brings the mood of the venue down.

    Full Definition:

    Almost every club has a chode crystal. These are generally guys who aren’t having fun or who are afraid to be themselves and are “stuck in their head.” Chode crystals tend to be more extreme in high energy dance clubs, because these venues are tougher—you’re either in or out. In lower key venues such as wine bars, chode crystals can exist. However, in these low-key venues, they merely keep to themselves and their boring conversation. They have a worse effect in high-key venues, where they usually huddle along a wall, creepily checking out the girls on the dance floor.

    PUA don’t always have to focus on game, but, when they hang out with the guys at a bar, they should be vibing and talking about interesting things. Increase the energy and the momentum, and other people will come to your group. Be the tribe that others want to visit.

    chode crystal

    The dudes on the left are forming a chode crystal in the club, captured candidly by a camera in the venue


    Don’t be part of this chode crystal man, snap out of it!

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