• Chit Chat Master

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A guy who relies solely on conversation to pick up women, but is unable to sexualize or express interest with her.

    Full Definition:

    Chit chat masters are a common sight in the community. Often the result of hundreds and even thousands of approaches, a chit chat master is a guy who attempts to keep his conversations vague and, therefore, applicable to any woman in any situation. However, this results in a thoroughly un-engaging personality and complete lack of sexuality. Chit chat masters are good at tricks like “30 second approaches” or gimmicks that quickly make a woman laugh, but are baffled when it comes to carrying a conversation over a long period of time. They’re very much a flash in the pan, looking great to the inexperienced eye, but ultimately unsatisfying.

    The Troy Dizon Dating circle has long since realized the futility of this style and has developed a system specifically designed to help guys avoid falling down this road. The chit chat master is a victim of a linear way of thinking about talking to girls—the theory that talking platonically somehow leads to talking personally, which somehow leads to talking sexually. TDD understands that these transitions between phases are unnatural, that conversations almost never flow in such a rigid structure, and that a fuzzier, more human model is needed to understand human beings. They also teach their alumni the importance of defining their own personalities, thereby avoiding the vagueness of the general pickup conversation. By being well-developed men, they avoid undeveloped conversations and avoid this pitfall entirely.

    “I’m done with being a chit-chat master. I talked to that girl for over an hour, and I barely even got a goodbye hug at the end of the night!”

    When a guy’s game relies solely on conversation without sexualization. “relating to her” becomes the main goal. This often leads to a man who spends a long time talking to a woman, only to be placed firmly in the ”friend zone.” Oftentimes, these guys can be identified on forums easily, as they’re the guys asking how to escalate sexually.


    Those AFCs talk alot but they are merely chit-chat masters, and nothing else.

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