• Chino Cloth

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Chino Cloth Chino cloth is the name given to twill fabric primarily made from cotton. Chino cloth was originally used in the military uniforms of the French and British armies in the mid-19th century, and spread to civillian use once soldiers brought back their military trousers for wear at home.

    The name of the cloth comes from the Spanish word “chino”, which means “Chinese”, as chino cloth was originally manufactured in China.

    Chino cloth is similar to khaki, but chino cloth is usually considered to be dressier dressier. Chino cloth also tends to be a light khaki in color (from its military origins) but can be dyed to be pretty much any color.

    Chino cloth is used primarily in chinos, a type of mens trousers similar to khaki pants.

    Chino Pants Men

    A classy pair of chino pants

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