Chiffon (meaning “cloth” or “rag” in French) is a lightweight woven fabric made from cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers. Chiffon is often translucent, and has an elegant appearance, which makes it a popular material in gowns, blouses, and lingerie.

Pink Chiffon Gown
A pink chiffon gown
Black Chiffon Lingerie
Black chiffon lingerie

Because of the frilly nature of chiffon, it is rarely used in mens clothing outside of costumes and other outlandish clothing items. Chiffon is also occasionally used in mens underwear (thanks to its association with lingerie), but chiffon has a slightly rough texture, which doesn’t make chiffon undergarments the most comfortable things to wear (although they are very breathable).

Mens Chiffon Boxers
Mens chiffon boxers

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