Chick Politics

Quick Definition: The internal fighting that girls go through when they all realize they’re after the same attractive man.

*PUA Lingo does not endorse or support the use of these terms. We strive to describe them the best we can based on the seduction community’s uses for them in improving men’s (and some women’s) dating lives.

Full Definition:

Chick Politics can be brutal. Truly attractive men are rare, and, when a truly quality guy comes their way, the darkest sides of women will show their faces, often resulting in backstabbing, deceitfulness, and lying, in order to get their chance to impress this guy. Oftentimes these actions are very subtle, and it should be a sign of the girls’ true interest in a guy when he notices this disagreement.

Documented cases include girls – even in one known case, roommates – implying to the guy that the other is uncool, a poor cooker, crazy, or whatever it takes in order for him to look at her as the best of the bunch. Sometimes a woman will tell the guy about a very cool bar / restaurant / store, in hopes that he will be interested enough to want to go with her to this place (alone, of course). The usual calm and controlled demeanor that women possess is shattered, and instinct has taken over.

The experienced Troy Dizon Dating members have all seen this on multiple occasions, as it is a common occurrence when a man dates or sleeps with multiple women in the same circle or demographic. As the women realize that the man is not one to settle down easily, they find themselves accepting it and vying for his attention. The end result is similar to a feeding frenzy.


“Dude, I’m the only guy in my class, and this one chick I made out with is putting a fence around me and pissing other chicks off! This is Chick Politics I tell you!”

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