AKA Infidelity

Quick Definition:. A breach of the expectation between two people, usually of sexual exclusivity, although it can be for any reason that betrays and breaks the existing link of trust and expectations.

Full Definition:

The word “cheater” has many negative social connotations. It implies that a lie has been told as a result of someone sleeping with another person within an exclusive relationship. Oftentimes, the shift from a lying player to an honest artist is difficult to make. However, once made, it can be freeing in terms of guilt and self acceptance.

In general, cheating, for women is associated more with the man’s allocation of resources; therefore, women evolved to be more hurt if a man splits his resources among other women. Men are evolutionarily more sensitive to cuckolding, for he could be left with another man’s children or lose the chance to foster his own children and pass on his own genes.

PUAs and dating coaches generally do not cheat. The standard in the community is total disclosure. Some guys end up dating multiple women openly, while others eventually find “the one” that fits their intellectual, emotional, and sexual needs to the maximum.

The difference between the cheater and the poly-amorous guy is honesty. Generally, the term “Cheater” is used in mainstream media to note the break in exclusive relationships. Artists refrain from cheating and seek to define the true boundaries of all their relationships, from a place of love and caring for all the people involved in his personal relationships.


Don’t be a cheater, own your truth.

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