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    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Silent Wingman

    Quick Definition:. A one page cheat sheet that PUAs keep in their pocket along with their notes on opening, overall mind set, and any routines as a backup when in field.

    Full Definition:

    The silent wingman was a suggestion made in Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss, for Day 21. It is intended to give the PUA some confidence, knowing that he can refer to his notes if he forgets his lines or what to say in a conversation. Sometimes, the mere act of preparing allows the artist to fully remember his lines or routines. It also builds confidence in the preparation of the notes and the idea that there is a contingency plan to the whole ordeal of “sarging,” as many PUAs that are new do in order to improve.

    the wingman


    Got my PU cheat sheet with me today!

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