AKA “man charm” or “charismatic vibe”

Quick Definition: The non-sexual seduction of a person or group of people.

Full Definition:

The word charisma means “favored by the Gods” in Greek. It describes a person who possesses magnetism and charm, and others recognize those qualities. Achilles was charismatic. Barrack Obama is charismatic. When women see Barrack Obama, though they may want to sleep with him, their first emotional response to him is respect and inspiration. This type of energy is different than a seducer’s aura or sexual vibe.

Charismatic vibe is useful for building friendships, followers, and making social connections. It is particularly useful in field when a woman expects you to hit on her. For example, a mPUA was being interviewed by a talk show, and the models on the show already knew that he was a PUA. As such, he refrained from sexual vibes and was simply charismatic. Towards the end of the show, the girls apologized to him and said, “we thought you were this bad guy who hit on girls all the time, but you’re not like that at all.” Because charisma is not sexual and you’re not necessarily putting yourself out there as a potential mate, it becomes a vibe that generates indirect disqualification and DHVs at the same time. This type of vibe is also good for working environments, where the artist can build respect first. If he desires, he can transition into a more sexual vibe, depending on the social environment. (This depends on the work position and his relationship to the co-worker).

Essentially, charismatic vibe is non-sexual. It is an active qualifier, AND it is a DHV. Therefore this vibe is extremely powerful in motivating groups of people and is possessed in some degree by all great leaders of men.

Notice President Obama’s charismatic vibe as he unveils his innovation policies at Google prior to his presidency:


The CEO of our company has a very charismatic vibe about him.

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