Chapter 5: Prison Break (I quit my job at Google today)

My resignation letter read as such:

Dear Google,

Breakups are never easy, and I wanted to write you a thank you letter in lieu of what I could not say to you in person. Over the past 3 and a half years you have assisted me in my continued growth both professionally and personally.

You made work easy by offering to feed me whenever I was hungry.
You gave me nice massages for a nominal fee.
When I was sick you gave me the time to stay home and recover.
You even did my laundry and washed my dirty dishes.

You showed me that work can be rewarding, and that people are by nature, good.
You showed me that it was possible to fight for a just cause, despite public opinion swaying the other way.
You showed me the kindness of those perceived strangers you call “Googlers”
Being with you also made me learn how to deal with high stress situations and achieving high goals, and I will take these lessons to heart on my journey.

Rarely, when some of your friends abused their power, (as is inevitable when you have so many friends) you consoled me with summer BBQs and teddy bears, though I know that you had no control over their day to day actions.

Most importantly I will remember all of the awesome friends you were able to introduce me to through your social circle. I met all sorts of amazing Googlers that I will continue to be friends with, even after our breakup.

I hope we can remain good friends as well, and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.


On my last day, the goodbyes were easy to make, as I started at the eyes of my co-workers, some of them felt genuinely sad but happy for me. Others hid behind a general and fake politeness that detaches from authenticity. Even others, better friends of mine actually felt sad and “a little jealous” that I have the opportunity now to do my own thing. I felt fine. I felt like this was long overdue and I have actually stayed for too long.

Playing society’s game for 6 years, I have gone to a wide eyed college graduate to a more mature young man, who is jaded at the corporate game. The social programming that society has put in place to keep things stabilized. Play the game! Work the tough job! Win money for yourself! Buy the nice car! These are all short term fixes to true self esteem and core confidence.

Tyler Durden (RSD) on social conditioning and the state of advertising in this country:

The Game

The game is rigged against you as the consumer. As a member of society the system is promoting you to become structured and follow its rules. I believe in a life of your own design.

The question you have to ask yourself is”Do I care what other people will think of me? Or do I really love what I do?” I think that if you are here on the blog reading it now, you have in your head the birth of an idea to live a life of your own intentions.

Monday morning came around and I felt great. I woke up when I wanted to, and did the things I wanted to do. I got more work on my business done in a day than I did with a week at work. The challenge now will be to build a business that sustains my lifestyle.

Planning the Prison Break – Total Time: 2 years.

First Year:

  • Recorded spreadsheet of all monthly expenses
  • Make a commitment to pay off ALL credit card debts
  • Saved first $10,000 in the bank
  • Go against the grain – 95% of Americans save less than 5% of their annual income. Most of your friends probably spent most of what they make. You can’t let peer pressure and social pressure influence you. Mark the prices down and be frugal where it counts. Stop eating out all the time and learn to cook for yourself.

Second Year:

  • Pros/Cons of quitting my job sheet – there were a lot more disadvantages to staying. Most importantly, it was the opportunity cost of doing something great for myself.
  • Immigration issues – how do I get out of this jail and stay within the laws?
  • Job salary and final paycheck – make sure you work this out
  • Get out of Jail plan – Make connections while you’re still at the company. Install social back doors so that if you fail, you can easily get another job through your network. I have over 1000+ connections on LinkedIn.
  • Get to now the people you genuinely want to know at work and make friends with them. Learn as much as you can.
  • Make sure you have enough money in the bank to give it a good shot. In the online world 100 days can be enough to make or break you. If you can’t find out if you can build a business in 3 months, then don’t do it at all.
  • Do it. Walking through the door can be tough. Have bullet points written down and be in a calm mood when you present your plan to the boss.

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