Challenge Point

Quick Definition: A difficult or challenging point along the path to learning a new skill set, or as some people say becoming a better pickup artist.

Full Definition:

Challenge point is an alternative phrase for the more common community term “sticking point.” The phrase “challenge point” is used by some PUAs because the words “sticking point” can conjure up many negative associations (being stuck, sticky, no progress).

Because the words we use often have an effect on how we perceive reality, the more positively phrased “challenge point” was developed to refer to the difficult stages of our growth. Challenges are things which are exciting, which are there to be overcome, as opposed to the feelings of helplessness that can come from sticking points. By referring to roadblocks as challenge points, one is able to construct a more empowering reality for oneself, rather than sabotaging oneself with negative language.

Usage: My challenge point right now is dealing with number flakes.

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Source: Don Diego Garcia