Celebrity Game

Quick Definition: The specific niche of game that deals with how a celebrity can use game to get the girl he wants.

Full Definition:

In the showbiz circles, celebrities are generally known to have a lot of social leverage and can, therefore, date many people. Girls, groupies, and even women of high value will stalk them, hoping that they get a chance to tell a good story from the night.

However, there are instances when the celebrity cannot always get the girl he wants. A celebrity may come across as way too high value. Instead of using DHVs (like most PUAs do explicitly or implicitly), the value is there. A celebrity, instead, has to work on commonality and building propinquity or rapport.

According to Neil Strauss, Dave Navarro (who once dated Carmen Electra) says that girls get so nervous around him, that sometimes he cannot close; the girls end up thinking that he is too good for them. In these cases, the celebrity has to tone down his public image and instead focus on being real and relating to the girl on an everyday, personal level.

Watch Vince lower his value (sarcastically) with Sloan’s friend:

Usage: Celebrity game is easy, no?

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