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    How to get a girl to like you

    Written by AlphaWolf Ah. Attraction. Isn’t it nice to be liked by the opposite sex? For guys, we are attracted girls way too easily. Any decent looking girl that catches our eye, and we’ll turn our heads like a pack of hyenas. But what about a girl liking a guy? Getting a girl to like… Read More

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    how to get a girlfriend

    How to get a girlfriend

    Written by AlphaWolf First of all, before I give you the process and principles of getting a girlfriend, you must be careful about what you wish for. Getting a girlfriend comes with it relatively constant sex, but it also involves responsibilities and the occasional sacrifice. With the title of “boyfriend” comes other experiences. So make… Read More

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    How to Pick Up Girls

    Guest Post By Zack Bauer from Date Hotter Girls When the guys at PUALingo asked me to write an article called ‘How To Pick Up Girls’ I have to admit, I was a bit concerned. Not because I didn’t have anything to say on the subject, many glory stories could be shared or epic fails… Read More

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    More Than A Wingman

    How to Pickup Girls with your Buddy Guest post by Rob Judge One of the more unfortunate terms in the PUA lexicon is “the wingman”. The term reduces potential friendships to pure utility. Whenever you call someone your “wing,” it connotes “man-acquaintance for picking up chicks” rather than “cool guy I’d consider a friend”. Even… Read More

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    Who, What, Where?

    How to Respond when a Girl doesn’t Remember You Guest post by Rob Judge It’s Monday afternoon. You scroll through your phone about to “play the numbers,” meaning you’re about to text all the girls you met over the weekend. Some girls were hot, others were…well…nice. Regardless, you send them all a personalized text: her… Read More

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    Escaping The ‘Friend Zone’

    Guest post by David Black You’ve known this one girl for quite a while, you get on really well, you have a laugh and joke together and feel like you can talk about anything.You really like this girl (in that way), and you try to ‘make a move’ on her. She rejects your advances and… Read More

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