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    Re: What Can I Help You With Most Right Now?

    I asked you what I could help you with, and you responded. With a sample of over 1000 responses via PUA Lingo, I was able to put together how I can help most of our readers. Here is a pie chart showing the different issues that guys have when it com..read

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    Top Dating Coaches (Pick Up Artists) of 2013

    Hey Fans, Followers, PUAs, Naturals, AFCs, Haters, Hope you're having a great summer and it is that time of the year again. This year we asked you to list your favorite dating instructors and we investigated each and every suggestion from our rea..read

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    How to Identify a Real MPUA

    Guest post by Darryl from PUA Artist (James Matador's site) You may have heard the phrase being used here and there but still are a bit perplexed as to what a Pick-Up Artist really is. On TV, they're portrayed as smooth talking studs who can woo t..read

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    The Benefits of Mirror Neurons for a PUA

    The Benefits of Mirror Neurons for a PUA Written by Pick Up Artist Robert King from PUA Method When the body performs an action a motor command neuron in the front part of the brain will be triggered.   For instance if you were to sit on a chai..read

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    The Direct Street Approach – The How To Guide

    Guest Article written by Robert King from http://www.puamethod.com The most important part of the Direct Street Approach is the initial approach itself.  All of the PUA’s value is carried in his sub communications and any genetic value the PUA ma..read