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    Alex From RSD Retires From RSD

    Amid the winter snow in Japan to foreshadow the cold and somewhat sad announcement, Alexander (from RSD) today announced his retirement from RSD and his new journey into the next chapter of his life. An executive coach since 2008, Alex has run bootca..read


    The 10 Best Pick Up Artists of 2014

    What's up players, artists, dreamers, nerds, alpha males, betas, masturbaters, sex addicts, lovers, and everyone in between. Welcome to the 2014 list of top dating coaches from PUA Lingo. This year I focused our list on the men who were able to p..read


    Exclusive Seduction Product Video Reviews by PUA Lingo

    Hey Gang, We recently launched a series that focused on high quality seduction product reviews. Here are the 3 first products we reviewed: 2 Girls Teach Sex, Female Mind Mastery, and Tao of  Badass. Let us in on your thoughts about the quality of..read


    Top PUAs of 2013

    It is that time of the year again, loyal readers. We're looking for suggestions for the best dating instructors for 2012. Please cast your votes in the comments below...read


    Top 15 PUAs of 2012 by PUA Lingo

    You voted... and we counted. There were so many great instructors and stories that came through the comments, blogs, my inbox, and the threads on the forums. Most importantly, it came from observation of students actually improving and instructors w..read


    Top 10 PUAs of 2011

    It's that time of year again! Every year at PUA Lingo we like to reflect back and see who the top Pick Up Artists of the year were (see our list of Top 10 PUAs for 2010). However, we've noticed that the same guys end up on these lists every yea..read