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    Improve Your Game With This…

    Hey guys, over the years people have asked me for advice hundreds, if not thousands of times. That led to the development of these 3 products that cover everything from meeting a girl to dressing for success and attraction. Find out how I can help yo..read

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    17 Awesome Image Texts To Get A Date

    Text game can be hard enough as it is, but sometimes, a good joke or meme can change the entire interaction. Here are some of our favorite image texts when trying to get girls out on dates. Keep in mind that ultimately, text game depends on the conte..read

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    Top 10 Tips for PUA’s Just Starting Out

    Guest post by Christine If you are a PUA just starting out, you probably have a lot of questions. You probably came into this field because you need some help, any help, when it comes to picking up women. While forums and blogs and books and video..read