Quick Definition: A synonym for “womanizer,” used by some members of the community as an alternative to the more common label “PUA.”

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The term Casanova comes from the famed Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, a Venetian adventurer and author whose autobiography and memoir of his sexual exploits earned him a place in history as a great seducer and the title “the world’s greatest lover.”

From his autobiography, it is clear that Casanova employed many tactics which are still being used by pickup artists today. For example, Casanova was a big proponent of subcommunication, writing that “a man who makes known his love by words is a fool.” Casanova also believed in being present in the moment and charming women with his attentiveness.

In the PUA community, the term Casanova is sometimes used to describe pick up artists who seem to have a natural talent for seducing women. It is also used by some members of the community as an alternative to the more common “PUA” label.

Giacomo Casanova was not the most handsome man, but he was the history’s most memorable seducer… evidence to the fact that looks don’t matter

In popular culture, Casanova sometimes has a negative connotation—a stereotype of the over-romantic seducer. However, having a reputation for being a Casanova is almost never a bad thing when it comes to pickup, unless one is interested in a serious, long-term relationship.


Chris is very romantic, the ladies all call him Mr. Casanova

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