Cargo Pants

Cargo pants (also known as “cargo trousers”) are pants that are similar to khaki pants in terms of color and texture, but are designed to be more rugged for use in outdoor activities.

The most distinguishing feature of cargo pants is their pockets. Cargo pants tend to have many pockets, sometimes as many as a dozen, which were originally added for practical use, but have come to be more of a fashion statement.

Cargo Pants Men
A pair of cargo pants

Many cargo pants are also decorated with strips and ties, which again are both practical and fashionable.

Cargo pants have traditionally been khaki in color, but these days there are many pants in the cargo style that come in other colors, such as grey and camo.

Cargo Pants Colors
The many colors of cargo

Cargo pants have strong associations with the military and outdoor sports such as hunting, and because of this they are seen as very tough and masculine. If you are looking to add a touch of ruggedness to your outfits, cargo pants may be the way to go.

Designer Cargo Pants
Cargo pants with a more designer look
Cargo Pants Guys
Cargo pants also come as shorts (six-pack sold separately)

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