Captain Jack

Real Name: Unknown
Affiliation: Love Systems

Captain Jack teaches pick up as well as balancing all areas of your life. Money, life, women, adventure, the lifestyle that most men covet is the lifestyle that Captain Jack enjoys due to his success in the dating world.  Although his affiliation is with Love Systems, he’s been working in the world of the pickup since 2006, and became recognized by leading Love Systems instructor Sinn as a man to watch in the world of seduction.  In fact he is so respected by Sinn that the two often work together as wingmen.

Captain Jack’s strengths lie in his signature method, Same Night Lays (SNL), a method that differs substantially from One Night Stands in the sense that the SNL leaves that window of opportunity open for future experiences with the same woman.  His signature style has become so well known in the community, through his contributions to the seduction bible the Magic Bullets Handbook, and the Love Systems Routines Manual.  In these manuals he offers routines, stories, games, and lines that can be used and accommodated to fit the situation at hand, and these same stories have been successfully used in the Love Systems Triad Model of seduction.

Located in the Dallas, Texas area, Captain Jack’s approach is natural but effective, and he has mastered the art of a quick close using natural style.

You can follow him on Twitter @captianjackpua

Captain Jack Pictures

captain jack pua

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