Canned Routine (CR)

AKA Canned Material

Quick Definition: A set routine of things to say and do in a pickup that is rehearsed and memorized ahead of time, as opposed to generating things on the fly.

Full Definition:

Canned routines are taught by many schools of pickup, and they are seen by many to be useful tools for men who don’t know what to say to a woman. Canned routines have been developed for every stage of pickup, from starting a conversation with a woman (an opener) to leading them back to the bedroom. Different routines can be combined together, and a pre-planned series of routines used one after the other is referred to as a “routine stack.”

While canned routines are the staple of structured game, they are often frowned upon by those who practice natural game; these PUAs see canned routines as being robotic and inauthentic. Still, most PUAs recognize canned routines as useful training wheels that can be used to teach clueless AFCs the general structure of a good pickup.

Canned routines can also be customized and created by the individual PUAs; this way, the material more closely reflects their personality and style. Because certain situations come up over and over during the course of pickup, it can be useful to have something prepared to say for common situations. Even practitioners of natural game usually have some canned material they can fall back on, if nothing else seems to be working.

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