Canned Opener

Quick Definition: A memorized and practiced opener that a PUA uses repeatedly to open sets and start an interaction.

Full Definition:

Canned openers are field tested lines and routines that can be used to get a PUA into set. Canned openers are most often used by newbies just getting started in the game, who often do not know what to say to begin a conversation with an attractive woman. Canned routines can be likened to “pickup lines” in popular culture, although few PUA openers begin with a direct compliment.

Once the PUA understands the dynamic of strong openers, he can go on to create his own unique canned openers. Such openers should be based on an anchoring reason, such as, “My little sister says men lie more…let me get a second opinion, who do you think lies more?”


I don’t usually use a lot of canned openers, but I have a couple memorized in case my mind goes blank.

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