Camp Shirt

A camp shirt is a loose fitting, straight cut, short-sleeved shirt or blouse that has a simple placket front-opening and a camp collar.  Camp shirts can be worn to a number of events, but because of the style of the shirt, it is best worn only for casual purposes.  Camp shirts can most fashionably be worn with shorts or jeans.  However, wearing them with other types of pants may not be complementary.  The Aloha shirt is a popular and classic type of camp shirt.  Camp shirts can be worn by men of all ages; the style of the shirt also allows men of all shapes and sizes to look attractive while wearing it.  Camp shirts are often very affordable shirts and therefore one type of garment that men can buy plenty of in order to augment their wardrobe.  Camp shirts in lighter and darker colors can be worn in casual non-work settings as well as at work, depending upon the fashion culture.

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camp shirt men
camp shirt for men. Famous actors that wear camp shirts: Matthew Perry in Friends, Charlie Sheen

It should be noted that while men should have fun dressing up or dressing down these types of shirts, camp shirts with prints or designs may only be appropriate to wear for super-casual events like outdoor family cookouts, for instance.  The more patterns a camp shirt has, typically the more casual it is.  Socially and fashion-wise, the introduction of the camp shirt to the fashion world marked a dramatic change in menswear.  While men were previously expected to wear long-sleeve shirts, camp shirts allowed men more room to be comfortable in their clothes as well as less formal in society – at least in certain settings.  Camp shirts, especially Aloha shirts, have been made especially famous and popular by the likes of certain celebrities.  Camp shirts as worn by 1980s celebrities like Tom Selleck in the television show, Magnum P.I., were a hit.  They allowed men to present a casual, laid back and yet smooth vibe.  Tom Selleck may have been the celebrity to popularize camp shirts the most, particularly over the last thirty years.  The guys from Hawaii 5-0, the original and the remake, have done a great job too.  In terms of fashion, men’s camp shirts are fashion statements that say, “ I know I look good, and sometimes I can be casual and not have to try.”camp shirt mencamp shirt men


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