Callback Humor / Text Back Humor

AKA Text Back Humour.

Quick Definition: A funny text or use of words during a phone call that refers to content from your previous interaction.

Full Definition:

Callback humor is when a PUA references something he previously talked about with the girl during a text or phone call. This builds comfort, trust, and intimacy. This will set the PUA apart from “just another guy who got my number.”


Callback humor requires that the initial interaction went well, and there was at least a bit of humor or teasing involved. If it was a serious conversation, callback humor can seem incongruent and difficult to pull off. An example of call back humor may be: ”Hey groupie girl (reference to rock band story), nice meeting ya last night.”

If, in the first interaction, a girl says she played chess and was a dork in high school, an appropriate callback humor would be to refer to her dorkiness in a text the next day. Once, a girl texted me that she was embarrassed about a picture on Facebook that showed her dress being pinched up during a dance performance. I texted back, “the routine looked amazing. Don’t worry, nothing I haven’t seen already :)”

Comedians use this reference humor well when they hit a punch line that the audience understands, but only if they were “in” on a previous part of the sketch. (i.e. Dave Chapelle and his “shaved balls.”)

When used correctly, call back humor is a DHV that shows wittiness and creates a conspiracy between you two.

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Remember to use callback humor on your texts.

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