• Calibration

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The process of establishing a desired relationship by controlling your effort and action to produce the outcome. A PUA must use calibration to be flexible in his strategy to game the target depending on circumstances rather than sticking to a script.

    Full Definition:

    The concept of calibration extends to all schools of thought in pickup, and beyond into other subjects. Calibration is the ability to determine the appropriate action or response for any given pickup based on experience.

    For example, if the HB looks at her phone as soon as you give an opener, you can calibrate by throwing out a false time constraint. Mystery’s BHRR has a deep element of calibration involved in its performance.

    Calibration can be achieved by exploring the opposite extremes of an interaction and gradually toning it down to find the optimum level necessary for the particular situation. For example, an aspiring PUA might push physical escalation to the extreme using caveman techniques, until he develops a sense of a woman’s escalation limits and is able to calibrate properly in future sets. Recovering AFCs often need to push their behaviors to the opposite extreme before they are properly calibrated for pickup situations.


    You need to calibrate your negs more carefully for girls that are not 9s and 10s.

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    Dirk Diggler September 2, 2011 - 1:23 am

    I would like to add a more casual touch of what calibration is. first, calibration is much a skill that can only be improved through practice. think of it like switching from chord to chord on an acoustic guitar/piano. you at first dont really know where to place your fingers on the fret board/keys but as your practice you become familiar to were you can switch through chords with your eyes closed.

    Second calibration is going to help you all the way into sex. actually when you are having sex and you feel a position getting too repetitive you calibrate to another sexual position (or slap her butt for example) to keep the sex hot.

    With the above in mind. calibration is going to help you dramatically with your attraction phases, when something does not go right in aid to the conversation. Calibration is what is going to turn a possible sour rejection up to a “smooth” pick up.

    keep in mind alcohol and drugs may misguide you into thinking about calibrating in a certain way which may lead to rejection. just as driving drunk may lead you into thinking about a certain way which may lead into an accident.


    Mothman454 July 14, 2012 - 4:12 pm

    Excellent article.


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