• Buzz

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: When people talk about you (usually positively) when you are not there.

    Full Definition:

    Taken from the idea of “street value,” Buzz is the idea that, the more influence a person has, the more people talk about him when he is not around. Buzz is the energy and DHV generated automatically without the PUA constantly being there. Buzz also assists with pre-approved accomplished introductions in the case where a girl within a social circle has not yet met the artist.

    Creating positive Buzz is essential for penetrating social circle and good social circle game in general. It requires a good use of charisma and being able to relate to what is important to other people. A person with a lot of Buzz also tends to have more influence.sage:

    After Stone’s birthday bash, he has been getting a lot of buzz.

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