• Buyer-Seller Dynamic

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The power structure between a buyer’s decision versus a seller’s disposition to see his goods to the buyer. This dynamic is controlled by the balance of supply and demand in a market situation.

    Full Definition:

    In RSD one of the frames that helps guys become better with women is the buyer-seller dynamic. As a buyer, you generally have the money and several options of sellers you can purchase from. This of course depends on the item you are purchasing and whether it is a rarity or commodity. Nonetheless, the idea is the flip the script by seeing yourself as a buyer rather than someone who is always trying to “sell” himself to girls.

    A healthier way to interact is that assess the other person as if you and her on equals, and see if there are indeed commonalities that suit both of your interests. The buy-seller dynamic in reality is a bit different. As Matador admits, “as men we be the best that we can be, and let the women who come into our path choose us”. From that choice, the man can make his choice to be with the woman.


    People generally hook up at a bar if both parties believe that their price point or social value is higher or equal to, or good enough for the other party.

    It is important therefore not to take the buyer-seller analogy too far, as its primary purpose is to help newbies get out of a needy, desperately seeking approval behavior. By switching mindsets into the buyer’s frame, it helps the newbie create a vision for an abundance mentality.


    Every city has its own buy-seller dynamic in regards to the dating scene

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