AKA Conceptual  Buy-in

Quick Definition: The mental permission one needs in order to temporarily step into another mentor’s reality as a process of learning or seeing something in a new light.

Full Definition:

Without proper buy-in which happens from student to teacher, there will always be doubt lingering in the student’s mind about the teacher’s ability. Part of the great masters is to eliminate doubt by demonstrating a mastery of a skill set that they worked to achieve. In pick-up, this often involves going up to girls and doing what some consider “flash game” or getting some type of “result” (number, kiss, pull) within a night club venue. These demonstrations allow the student to “buy-in” the believe that the teacher knows what he’s talking about, and the student can suspend his belief of reality for a second to see what the master sees.

Bruce Lee with his late master

Buy-ins exist also to protect us from frauds or false idols who may just want an artist’s money and have nothing useful to teach. Some gurus even hire in-field girls to pretend like they are strangers. It can also backfire – when the student constantly doubts the teacher or another reality and is still clinging to his own. Usually, a breakthrough moment can only be made once a proper and real buy-in moment has occurred between student and teacher.

The concept of buying-in can also apply to the girl – if the girl “buys in” to the initial concept of the 5 questions game, the player can initiate the question. Her compliance is based on her own mood at first, and her attraction for the artist thereafter.

Owen on how Tony Robbins got him to buy-in on the seminar:


You need initial buy-in first before trying to teach someone a new skill.

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