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  • Bunny

    By on December 15, 2008

    Quick Definition:

    Terminology from a select branch of PU referring to different types of girls as different colored bunnies: red, blue, black, and green.

    Full Definition:

    The bunny scale:

    “Black Bunny” – Used to refer to Drama Queens and girls with lots of emotional baggage. Also used to point out “goth chicks” and girls of similar dispositions.

    “Blue Bunny” – Girls that you’re not interested in, but are interested in you. Blue bunnies can be very clingy, and may follow you around even though you do not show them any attention.

    “Green Bunny” – Girls who lack of social experience, and are therefore often easier targets. Usually used to refer to younger girls, though socially uncalibrated geeks may also fit into this category.

    “Red Bunny” – Another term for AFOGs. Red bunnies are often the most dominant women in a set, and will cockblock or eject you from the set, if you do not handle them properly.


    That’s a green bunny, don’t kino escalate too fast.

    Related Terms: HB, AFOG, Target, Obstacle

    Source: Vincent Chase & Amadeus

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    • Avatar Livieri

      This is first time I see/hear about this. Who made this up? A fictional character in a TV-serie?

    • Avatar Livieri

      So that’s not the vincent chase from entourage?

    • Hi Livieri,

      Vincent Chase is one of the early PUAs and thought leaders from the community (see mASF for more details). His name was inspired by Vince from Entourage. Many PUAs really take to this show and Vincent Chase and his boys as it exemplifies “the lifestyle”.

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