Brush Off

Quick Definition: A light-hearted way of saying the woman was leading you along or asking you to leave.

Full Definition:

Being an attractive woman isn’t easy. Imagine being hit on at least ten times a day, everyday, since the time you turned eighteen? Sure, at first it can be flattering. But it gets really tedious, really fast. Especially when the majority of guys hitting on you end up boring you to death with the same old lines and gimmicks.  And while as men we may think that the least a girl could do is recognize and appreciate the courage it takes for a man to even walk up to a beautiful woman and try to start a conversation, what we have to remember is that it really isn’t the woman’s problem.

Brush Off, Two Haughty Girls
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Brush offs are the many different tactics that women themselves have developed over the years to deal with the constant barrage of men that they aren’t interested in. Brush offs can range from a polite “it was nice talking to you, but I have to go use the bathroom now” to a downright unpleasant “could you please fuck off?” Another commonly used brush off is when a woman tells a guy that she has a boyfriend. Some women will even preemptively brush off men’s advances by making themselves as hard to approach as possible. An example of this is a woman wearing her earphones while out in public to deter any potential conversation starters.

While a brush off during the course of your interaction with a woman usually means that you weren’t leading the conversation in a direction where she feels attraction or interest in you, it is also important to remember that sometimes a woman’s natural instinct is to brush off a man that approaches her. And you can’t blame a woman for this because experience has taught her that it’s highly likely that the man trying to start a conversation with her is usually creepy, boring or obnoxious.

If you’re faced with a woman trying to brush you off as soon as you make your approach, do not be fazed. Recognize it for the autopilot response that it is and have fun with it.

An example interaction:

PUA: Hi there.

Woman: I’m sorry, my friend and I are trying to have a conversation.

PUA: What a coincidence! So am I!

Woman: (Laughs)

PUA: I like your laugh

And so it begins.


Being brushed off by a beautiful woman never feels good. 

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