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    Like other colors, its name originated from Proto-Indo-European languages, which called it bher. As transcontinental migration occurred from Eastern Europe and Central Asia to Western Europe, Germanic tribes began to refer to the color as brunaz.  It was then eventually picked up by the Anglo-Saxons and called brun.

    Shades of Brown

    Brown is a “safe” color, often used to combine certain other colors into an outfit. When used by itself, the shades of brown incur a mellow and casual sense of confidence. Brown suits create more warmth and friendliness, as opposed to the trustworthy blue or serious black.

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    Shades of brown in clothing is more simple. Keep in mind that shades of the human skin also affect clothing choice, and different degrees of brown gives your skin a different look. Because of brown's sultry and serious color tones, women often focus on the different hues of brown hair. Men's shades of brown hair is also important when picking highlights that match a certain look. Therefore brown is a color you must become fluent and comfortable with, in your skin, your clothing items, and with your hair.

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