• Bromance

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Male Bonding

    Quick Definition: A relationship of deeper meaning between two men.

    Full Definition:

    The depth of sharing in this journey to master game involves men sharing their innermost fears with each other. One instructor said, “if you haven’t cried in this game of learning pick up, then you haven’t really learned the game.” Artists even use aliases online to write their experiences on forums. For example, my alias was “alphawolf.” Some of these names derive from our alter egos and what we thought we could become. Passion, Genesis, and Big Mike are just some examples.

    As you develop these relationships online and in field, you begin to develop a strong bond with the fellow members of the community. Today, the community involves many guys chattering online and “sarging” together in field—from the newbies to the veterans. While some newbies can be socially awkward at first, eventually people connect based on their core values and interests (beyond an interest in women).

    The Bromance in the community simply refers to shared experiences and hardships of rejection from women. This bond is built by sharing our fears and learning to conquer them, in the pursuit of game and never having to settle for a woman.


    A parody of Bromance.


    Jdog and Vince totally just shared a bromance moment in that set!

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