Quick Definition: This is the term used to describe the termination of a romantic relationship.

Full Definition: Breakups are hard business, and as men, we have a tendency to make them much more difficult on ourselves than the fairer sex. We spend weeks, if not months, and sometimes years, pining over lost love and neglecting ourselves and everything around us. Or we waste time replaying all the memories and good times, wondering what we could have done differently in a spiral of never ending ‘what ifs’. And the most common mistake that men make in the process is focusing on “getting over her” instead of focusing on themselves.

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Following are a few pointers on making it through a breakup:

  • Accept that what you’re feeling is normal. If you ever truly love someone, you will build a strong emotional connection with them, and it will hurt when that connection is broken. Accept that you are human and that the pain you feel is normal. Give yourself the permission to suffer.
  • Cut all contact with her, at least until you’re done healing. Take her off your Facebook, delete all her texts and let your friends know that you don’t want to know what’s going on with her life. You will be thinking about her all the time anyway, so you don’t need to add more fuel to the flames.
  • Decide on how you choose to spend your time while suffering . Work on improving yourself so that when you do heal completely you will have transformed yourself into a much stronger human being. Don’t spend this time wallowing in despair, self loathing and lethargy, so that when you finally are over her, you will still feel terrible for the time you’ve wasted in between.
  • Also remember that whatever self improvements you make are for yourself and yourself alone. It isn’t about making her want you back or making her feel bad for breaking up with you.
  • Don’t let yourself get dragged down by hatred or resentment towards her. Accept the fact that you can never make someone feel something that they don’t feel themselves, and remember that your happiness is never more important than someone else’s.
  • Don’t rush the process. Accept that the process of healing will take its own time, depending on how much you loved her.
  • Be strong enough to emerge from the experience as a stronger and wiser person, and someday be able to genuinely thank for teaching you an important life lesson.

Usage: He was too needy and too controlling, so she realized she had to breakup with him. 

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