Breaking Point

AKA The Emotional Tipping Point

Quick Definition: The point where an artist breaks down in his effort to achieve a goal or become the person he wants to become.

Full Definition:

If you have ever watched the MTV Made series, you will find that most of the teenagers that go through a period of intense change will, at some point during the first 30 days, break down and start crying. This is not unlike many PUAs who go through their newbie training in the first 6 months of learning game (shorter time period if they are intensely training). At this point, the artist is vulnerable and starts doubting his ability to change. Fear sinks in, and a barrier is broken as he becomes more used to the feelings that go along with stepping out of his comfort zone.

When PUAs train on their own, this is the point where it is extremely likely that they will revert back to their old ways. This is usually followed by a “fuck game” post on the forums.

Good coaches are familiar with Breaking Points. At this stage of development, a coach will usually work closely with the student, helping the student become aware of and defeat his limiting beliefs about game.

If done right, a lot of progress comes quickly after the Breaking Point, and an acceleration of improvement is seen. However, this is also a very common point of failure for many people.

Example: Made episode of a country girl trying to become a pageant queen: (skip to 28:30 to see breaking point)

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