Breaking Down a Woman's Beauty

You see her from the corner of your eye across the room. The white dress is unmistakable as it flows like water down her sculpted body.

You’ve seen her before. Or so your mind tells you. A “10”.

Guess Models 10s

The stunningly tall 6 foot blonde with legs to die for and a laugh that makes you think of the wind. Her hair is silky smooth while strands of her hair fall into place along her shoulder as she moves in slow motion. Her heels clicking against the marble floor of the hotel, each step coming closer and closer towards you.

Secretly you pray that she’s coming over to talk to you, even though in reality you know that’s probably not true.

Does the above scenario sound familiar? Ever walk into a bar and immediately notice the nightlife princess? The hottest party girl in the venue? We all have this experience as men. My ex-girlfriends were no exception. Although, for those of you have dated “10s”, you’ll know that she’s not a “10” all the time. As a matter of fact, she can look down right average in the morning. And that’s a good thing.

If you think about it, a “10” is an arbitrary definition. Model looks come partly from genetics, but also part from a beauty routine and preparation. Once you understand why you respond to certain features, hopefully you will be less fearful or nervous around beautiful women. Ultimately, being around beautiful women over a long period of time will condition you to behave normally and dominant around even the most pretty of the girls. So let’s break it down, what makes a woman beautiful in pop culture?

1. Movie and media exaggerations.

Slow motion entrances in Not Another Teen Movie. Digital re-imaging and editing makes already above average girls look even better.

2. There’s always something about her that’s not perfect. And that’s ok. It is part of being human. If you think a girl is “perfect”, you don’t know her well enough yet. Remember that hot girls are still human beings, and all human beings have personal flaws (as well as redeeming qualities)

Luenell on The “Perfect Woman”

3. The Power of Makeup: Eye lashes, eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, blush, Vaseline, all of these go into the basic foundations for makeup. A pre-makeup and post-makeup picture of a girl can be as different as a cat is to a tiger.

4. Facial symmetry and plastic surgery

The best surgeons know that 1mm can make the difference between a good looking girl and a hideous one. Cosmetic surgery is at the level where any average girl can become model good-looking with the right surgeon and the ability to pay for the surgery.

Facial symmetry and proportion are indicators of estrogen levels and disease immunity. These days this can be faked, however our primal brains are still wired to respond to facial beauty.


5. Hip and waist ratio and curves

A 70% hip to waist ratio was discovered by biologists and cosmetic surgeons as the ideal. Super models have this frame (or better) as do many well known Hollywood actresses. The hip accentuation ties back to evolutionary theory that the better the curve and ratio, the more likely the woman is fertile for birth.

6. Long legs (Skinny jeans)

Height and high heels accentuate a women’s frame and makes her look taller and skinnier. The legs foreshadow what’s on top as your eyes follow it up her dress. These days, women also wax well and the Barbie-like, porcelain skin further suggests sexual availability of the female body

Skinny Jeans for Girls

7. Clothing makes the body

Clothes that fit well can hide weaknesses and accentuate strengths in a woman’s body. Women thus know fit MUCH more than men when it comes to picking out clothes. Push-up bras and other forms of manipulation can also exaggerate breast size and body height and weight proportion.

Case-in-point: Rachel Ray does a great job being “chubby-cute” because her clothing fits her body and makes her seem less fat and more attractive.

Rachel Ray Blue Sweater

8. Contacts and Eye lid surgery – enhances eye size and can add a crease to Asian girls.

eyelid surgery Asian

9. Using clothes that fit your body frame: the examples below show you how each female celebrity uses clothing to best hide fat where it counts and highlight her more positive features.

curvy skinny jeans and chubby girls

10. High heels: although it is bad for the foot long term, high heels accentuates a woman’s height and makes her look more thin and proportional than normal. Girls with high heels just look better. Designers also make amazing looking high heels.

jimmy choo high heels

11. Hair: Long hair signals fertility and hair quality give evidence to good care and wealth. Most girls take very good of their hair.

12. Breast size and shape: there is a lot of evolutionary backdrop for breast size. Firm breasts show fertility and youth. After the first pregnancy, breasts tend to become less and less firm over time.

13. Skin tone and color: depending on the country of origin, some girls look better in whiter skin. Developing countries value this because it signals class and an option not to work in the fields. In the States, tanning seems to have taken a big rise with Jersey Shore and other douchebags adding darker skin tone and cancer.

Yes - Vikki is a stunning pale skin color

No horrible-fake-tan-girl
No - this is NOT how you do it

14. Hair control

Hair, nose hair, facial hair, arm hair, leg hair, armpit hair, pubic hair: girls are responsible for looking like porcelain dolls.

15. Dental Veneers: can make a huge difference in a girl’s looks. Many movie stars have them to maintain pearly whites and adds symmetry to the face.


16. Fat and liposuction

I won’t gross you out with the pictures, but diet and weight control through liposuction has been huge in America. Ultimately this problem can only be solved by going to the source of the behavior. However, people can short cut the process via surgery.

17. Nails

A girl’s nails shows whether she’s taken care of and hints at her social class.

18. Tattoos and piercings

Adds personality and edge to a girl. In the cases of less attractive features, a girl can greatly boost her appeal via tattoos and piercings.


The above 18 tactics are just the basics. From skincare to body wraps, women have mastered the art of looking good, for us, and for themselves. It is time that we joined the game.

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