Braddock (Nick Braddock)

Braddock is a leading PUA instructor from the younger post-Mystery generation. Braddock experienced some success at a young age from a social circle, but then struggled in college to get the girls he really wanted. He went through frustrating relationships in college, and as a young professional realized how hard it was to meet girls through social circles. His unease eventually led him to find the seduction community and the rest “is history”.

Braddock Quotes

When you hear someone say, “That guy is a natural” what they really mean is he had some great modeling as a child.  When you think back to your childhood who did you accidentally model?  Was your dad a smooth confident guy?  Were you raised by a single mom who was overly religious and guarded?  Were you raised by parents who had a healthy loving and caring relationship?  Were you raised by parents who fought all the time and were basically roommates?

These models have a profound effect on you and will continue to play out in your own life if you are not aware of them and you don’t change them.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with most people.  If your dad was a wimp who got pushed around by your mom, you’ll likely find yourself in similar relationships.  If your dad was overbearing and dominated women in an unhealthy way, you’ll likely find yourself dominating women in relationships.

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 Braddock and Savoy on The Tyra Banks show

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