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    Review of the Brad P Presents Brad P’s Fashion Bible.brad p's fashion bible

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    Brad P’s Fashion Bible Table of Contents:

    brad p fashion bible contents

    The Fashion Bible Review by AlphaWolf As I was reading this PDF I realized that it looked really familiar. I had seen it before. It was then that I remembered receiving a copy from a fellow PUA back in the beginning of my entrance into the seduction community in San Francisco. The book was instrumental in helping me develop a fashion identity as I was stepping out of my comfort zone. Of particular value of Brad P’s Fashion Bible are:

    • All pictures are taken by Brad P as he travels around. These are candid pictures of good looking and bad looking guys in everyday life. These are mixed with images of celebrities and fashion runways to compare and contrast style and what makes it work.
    • Brad P products a evolutionary explanation for style, relating style back to science.
    • Brad explores the different stereotypes of what women find attraction in men’s looks
    • He also explains the subcommunications of style: mainly, the major characteristics of high class, selectivity, and therefore power and how these act as attraction triggers before you even say a word.

    Why Fashion is Important (Evolutionary Biology) Quoting from the introduction of the book, Brad P explains why Style is important, no matter who you are:

    It is also a statement of elitism and exclusivity. It is saying “I am better than other peacocks who cannot produce this plumage.” Make a mental note of these four qualities:

    • Dominant
    • Attractive
    • Elite
    • Access to resources

    These are the qualities animals look for when choosing a mate. It is also a statement of elitism and exclusivity. It is saying “I am better than other peacocks who cannot produce this plumage.”Make a mental note of these four qualities:- Dominant- Attractive- Elite- Access to resources. These are the qualities animals look for when choosing a mate.”

    A word about nice guys

    Nice Guys, Bad Memories Most women have had bad experiences with nice guys. It takes many forms. – The annoying guy buying drinks and pestering her. – A serious relationship where her boyfriend allowed her to walk all over him. – The stalker who sends flowers and gifts in an effort to show how well he could treat her. – An encounter with a “bubbling cauldron of resentment” Nice guy. Many nice guys are ticking time bombs. They’ve been mistreated for so many years that they’re about to go postal. One encounter with a guy like this, and the woman isn’t talking to any nice guys in the future.

    Brad then contrasts the everyday, lonely nice guys to the more sexual stereotypes of everyday looks. He then takes an extreme of fashion models and breaks down what they do:

    I know, I know… they are snobs, and they’re not that cool… but in fashion, that’s just the way people talk. You can learn a lot from the snobs if you stop shutting them out. Let’s give it a try. Here’s a few snippets from a well known fashion writer. “AT Gucci there was a serious Fifties theme going on for menswear spring/summer 2008. Frida Giannini took her signature silhouette one step further this season by introducing the check, from miniature to macro, with window-pane for day and houndstooth for evening.” -Antonio Berardi, Vogue.co.uk

    One of the things I liked is his use of examples of guys who get it and guys who don’t in everyday life. Here is a guy who is normal, well dressed. He might get laid once in a while, but in a high end club he’s just another normal guy: normal well dressed guy Here is a guy who is well put together for a high end New York business venue: high class However, I did not like the lack of illustrations for the positive extremes – that is, everyday club guys or day game guys who are dressed really well for sexual stereotypes. Perhaps these guys are just hard to come by, which gives us PUAs a huge advantage in game. If you are beginning your development of style and identity of in the midst of improving you game via the looks dimension, this is a great read. The actual PDF contains examples from the animal kingdom, and more extreme examples including the rockstar avatar, the ironic geeky / metro-sexual avatar among other solid examples and how to find the look that fits your identity, as well as ways to get other the “incongruent” first feeling when you try a new style.

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