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Brad P was a natural when he first heard about the pickup community. Having developed a strong sense of the seduction methods from naturals he added his own school and method the underground 30/30 club to the market. Brad P is known for having a rockstar avatar and pulling ONS as well as extremely beautiful women.

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The four qualities that lead to mating success in the animal kingdom (including humans) are:

  • Dominant
  • Attractive
  • Elite
  • Access to resources

Now would be a good time for you to figure out what’s been stopping you from showing these qualities in the past. You can easily convey them with your clothing, if only you could stop the blockage inside you that says “I’m scared to wear that.”

The major part of the game that I find most people in this situation neglect is developing their identity. None of this stuff is going to work if you have the identity of a loser. You’ll always communicate low value.Okay, you already know that. It’s been stressed to you in many CDs, on the internet, and in eBooks that you need to change yourself into a cool guy. Most other guys who are worth listening to talk about this. Perhaps you identify some areas that need work. Going to the gym would help. Maybe an improv class or acting lessons would make you more socially adept. But that gym membership doesn’t amount to much, and you never get around to doing that comedy class. You just do the usual twenty minutes a day on the forums while at work then listen to a seduction CD on the car ride home. As a result, your identity and personality don’t really change much. If you started with a loser identity, you now have the identity of a loser who is well-educated about seduction and social dynamics. “Educated loser” – not quite what you had in mind.

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