Brad P Dating Education

Quick Definition: AKA The Pheromone Kid, Brad P. has developed a somewhat underground group within an already underground seduction community with his 30/30 club.

Full Definition:

Brad P developed his game naturally, and then became aware of the seduction community later on. His is known for his rockstar/badboy avatar and persona. His game also goes hand in hand with his appearance, often pulling ONS or regular threesomes with girls.

Brad P’s products includes a fashion bible for helping guys move towards to more rockstar persona, as well as an audio series of his experiences in the field. Unlike other instructors, he often does not like to post pictures of himself and therefore works an interesting marketing technique whereby his name is well known but no one really knows what he looks like.

Brad P interview with Neil Strauss:

Related Terms: The Shocker, Situational Opener, Direct Game, Subcommunication, Sexual Stereotype


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